About Us

In the education field for years, Beanstalk Learning presently produces a vast amount of software for schools and colleges across the world. With a team of distributors across different countries, Beanstalk Learning has been able to enter many different markets. Wherever, it goes it follows one very essential motto –‘Children First’.

The product portfolio of Beanstalk Learning ranges from Computerized Report Cards to Student Management Systems to activities for students in their early foundation years.

The main reason for the success of Beanstalk Learning is the guidance it takes from teachers and academicians while designing the software. This input makes the activities very easy to use and relevant for the education world.

Another unique aspect of Beanstalk Learning software is that it can be offered in various languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, French, German.
The most celebrated and renowned centrepiece of Beanstalk Learning is the Pre School and Primary School Activity Software.

The early adolescent years, truly have a big impact in a child’s future development.  Beanstalk Learning understands this and has designed activities for children so as to build a strong academic foundation for life.

Focusing on a variety of core competency concepts, the Beanstalk Learning activities captivate the students attention as the activities are very well designed, colorful and let the child truly interact with the lessons.

The children are entertained as well as educated while exploring the many activities. They have fun while learning.

The activities are very easy to use and can be operated by teachers, parents and by the students themselves.

Beanstalk Learning’s mission is to ‘create a more meaningful classroom experience and radically improve teaching and learning, through a more stimulating educational program.’

We are in the age of technology and everybody has to embrace it.


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